Tech Brands That Recovered From Failures


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Technology is a fickle market, what seems great when it’s launched can become an epic fail and mocked for the rest of history. In this blog, we’re going to look at some of the biggest failures that big brands have recovered from.


I could write an entire blog on Apple’s failures, but I’ll try to keep them brief. Before the runaway success of the iPhone and iPad Apple made some ahead of their time products that were massive flops.

Apple Newton

Do you remember the Apple Newton? No, thought not. This touchscreen personal assistant tablet was the precursor to the iPad. It had a touch screen, AI that recognised handwriting and other bells and whistles that were ground breaking in when they came out in 1993. A failure at the time, but an idea that led to the iPad. An obsolete wonder.

The Apple Macintosh Portable

When this machine launched in 1989 it signalled a revolution in computing. A full computer system that was portable, a screen, a trackball and a disk drive. The stuff of dreams! Unfortunately, in the late 1980s people weren’t quite ready for this and the 7.2kg machine was a massive failure. Luckily it didn’t stop Apple’s laptop dream and the game changing iBook was the next portable machine they made in 1999.

Apple Pippin

In the mid 1990s, games consoles were king. The Playstation was establishing itself, Sega had the Mega Drive, Nintendo had the SNES and Apple had the Pippin. The what?! Yep, Apple thought they could enter the gaming market in the mid 1990s wit htheir very own console. Again, ahead of its time, the machine had a CD-ROM drive and a modem to allow online gaming, the machine was a commercial disaster and only sold 12000 units in the United States. Read its full story here.

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Microsoft are ubiquitous in the computing world, and everyone will have used windows at some point or other. Before the Success of the Xbox, Microsoft had some really bad products that were catastrophic failures.

Microsoft Portrait

When video calling was in its infancy, before Skype and Facetime, Microsoft produced this now bizarre looking device to allow people to speak face to face. Using low bite rate technology, the call quality was very low. So obscure it doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page. This nearly forgotten device was a massive flop.

Microsoft Zune

Launching in 2006, this iPod beater was launched five years after the Apple iPod. The original model had a 30GB capacity and the hardware was high quality. Unfortunately, the original device had problems with dealing with leap years, freezing the machine. The Zune software was supposed to compete with iTunes, but never really caught on. The last of the Zune machines and software were discontinued in 2011 and users were encouraged to move to Windows Phone. Not one of Microsoft’s greatest efforts.

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These are some spectacular fails from massive companies. Both have managed to keep their brand’s reputation out of the muck. If you’re interested in high quality branding, you might want to look at quality branding companies such as Pearlfisher.